Robot Recognizes Self in Mirror and says ‘Oh. This is Me. Nice.’

If only it were this easy to program positive self-statements when we look into the mirror. This little robot has been programmed to recognize itself in the mirror. But he (presumably) has also been programmed to  say nice things about himself when he does see his reflection. He says “Oh, This is Me. Nice.” Qbo appears to have positive robot-esteem. Imagine if Qbo, were actually Qba–a girl robot. When she recognized herself in the mirror, she would say things like, “Oh. This is me. My optical sensors are too far apart” or “My chassis is too wide.”  Programming humans is not quite so easy. But we can change how we respond to our reflection. I’m going to go look in the mirror and say, “Oh. This is Me. Nice.”  Read more about Qbo here .


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