Insight from Cellulite

Seven years ago, I looked in the mirror and I saw it—cellulite! Cellulite—that skin dimpling sign of “imperfection” that the media tells us “needs to go.” Now, this wasn’t the first time I saw the cellulite. It had been there for years before, just in lesser form. But my reaction this time left a mark because it was vastly different from the others. My reaction: pinch…squeeze…stare…turn…stare…turn…squeeze.  My thought: “Huh, interesting!” My feelings: relief, curious, and pleased.  I know, you probably weren’t expecting that reaction, right!?  And I wasn’t either—I had previously struggled with body image and focused valuable time and energy thinking about and trying to alter my shape and weight. So what changed? Spending more time with friends and family, I learned that the important people in life don’t care what size or shape you are—they like you for you. I also found that obsessing over appearance WASTED valuable brain space—there are so many other important things in life than a dimple on her cheek 😉 And, who cares, really?  So, I was relieved that I could focus my energy on more important things in life—my work, my family, my friends; I developed a healthy curiosity about the other changes that my body would inevitably go through as I continued to age (which I now view as a positive sign of getting older and wiser); and I was pleased that I could be okay with just being me and not trying to change that!!  Talk about having a weight (pun intended) lifted off your shoulders!!!

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