Going Mirrorless

Proud2BeUS has catalogued several of the “Go Mirrorless” movements here http://proud2bme.org/content/could-you-go-mirror-less 


And Psychology Today blog unveils how Facebook can be a blow to your mood http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/valley-girl-brain/201112/how-quit-facebook


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Author of The Woman in the Mirror: How To Stop Confusing What You Look Like with Who You Are
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One Response to Going Mirrorless

  1. anonymous says:

    I never look in the mirror if I can help it. I think I’ve gone years without looking at myself in the past. When I was in my teens, I thought I was very ugly, and became bulimic eventually. I am now 45 and realise that a lot of that was because I had some terrible stuff happen when I was a child: I was abused when I was 11. I was bullied by an elder sister who was quite violent and jealous of my relationship with my parents (I was the ‘intellectual’ one – she the beautiful one). No one told me I was ugly. My father told me I was pretty, but words don’t do it – it’s actions. I needed someone to say – it’s ok, you’re loved. When I was sixteen, I fell in love but my love for the boyfriend was so powerful I think it must have scared him. I had a few other boyfriends, and then when I was 18 I fell in love with the man I have stayed with ever since – I am now in my mid forties. We have grown up together, and of course it isn’t always perfect, but we are good friends, we are good lovers, and he thinks I am beautiful. He tells me first thing in the morning, he tells me when I have dressed up, he tells me when I am sweaty and just back from a run, he tells me when I’m covered in dirt, or when we have just carried a piece of furniture up the stairs. I don’t look in the mirror because I am scared of feeling self critical again and becoming bulimic again. I have trained myself to look at bits of myself – to be able to apply makeup for instance, or check that the clothes look ok. But actually LOOK at myself – I don’t do that. Because someone else says ‘you’re beautiful’ every day. I trust him, I love him, I believe him.

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