My New Year’s Wish

My wish for the New Year is that all of the branches of the eating disorders field realize that we are all working towards the same end…to understand and eliminate eating disorders. Rather than focusing our critiques on each other, let’s focus our energy outwards and take on Big Food, Big Diet, Big Fashion, and Big Media. We have to rise above our differences and unite via our commonalities. We could accomplish so much more together. For inspiration, and to illustrate how powerful individual voices can be when united, listen to Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. We too could have that kind of impact, but only if we work together.

Happy New Year

To read more about his Virtual Choir concept, watch this:


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One Response to My New Year’s Wish

  1. missietheblogless says:

    I completely agree, and that is part of my reason for wanting to create a Clearinghouse. In order to be useful, it will require cooperation between all the groups.

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