Two Tips for Transforming Your Mirrors

Math on Window

So today’s post about mirrors has little to do about self-image, but more about self-preservation. This is a story about inheriting a family heirloom mirror that really, well, doesn’t so much go with modern design and a clever idea about how to transform that ancient eyesore of a mirror into a daily planner. Titled Drab to Fab : From Ugly Mirror to Gorgeous Weekly Planner in 8 Steps. Read more on this fun decorating tip here.

I came upon another transformative idea for mirrors after a recent visit home by my son the math major. Hopefully you can see it here, but every available glass surface in his room—every window and, yes, the bathroom mirror became targets for math problems. Now that he’s back in school, at least I have this mathematical reminder of his visit! So a couple of dry erase markers can turn your mirror into a big white board, a todo list, a platform for poetry, or a glass canvas for artwork. Whatever it takes to change your relationship with the mirror! Just make sure you invest in Windex!

Don’t forget to visit or grab a copy of The Woman in the Mirror at your local bookstore.


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