The Evolution of the Mirror Project

So I have been waiting to talk about this until everything is up and running, but I can’t wait any longer! So, it all started innocently when I brought The Mirror along with me to a couple of readings and interviews. I figured I would get a few pictures of people with The Mirror and that would be it. But then, something happened. Everyone wanted in on the action. Something about her just jazzes people. She is a really user-friendly mirror. She’s like a mirror that your grandmother used to have. People aren’t scared of her and she seems to bring out something very special in everyone. I am going places now and people are asking me if I have The Mirror with me—they want to have their picture taken with her too. And not just women! Guys are getting in on the action.

Never one to think small, I am aiming for 1000 faces (at the rate I am going it is going to be many more than that). The goal is to develop a new relationship with yourself by developing a new relationship with the mirror…starting with The Mirror. We’ll develop great graphics and use the pictures to promote the message in the book and help separate out your self-esteem from your body esteem. On a more basic level, to develop a more respectful relationship with your own reflection, which will reflect a more respectful relationship with yourself. Click the link to see some of our first People in the Mirror ! People in The Mirror Version 1


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Author of The Woman in the Mirror: How To Stop Confusing What You Look Like with Who You Are
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