No Mirrors Allowed!

ImageThink back on your relationship with the mirror. When did you start to really notice your reflection? When did you start to spend more time analyzing your appearance? Most people would say some time in junior high or high school.  You are faced with new pressures to look and act a certain way, and mirrors are often used to “achieve” your goals.   Administrators at a co-ed public school in northern England became concerned as they watched 13- through 16-year old girls go through this transition and spend more time in the loo (bathroom!) socializing and applying make-up.  To solve the problem, the school decided on a rather drastic policy: remove the mirrors.

School officials have not decided how long they will implement the mirror ban, but the head teacher, John MacNally, explains that the policy (along with a make-up ban) has done wonders to help get girls out of the bathrooms. While some girls complain because they felt more confident wearing make-up, other girls are relieved to feel less pressure to look perfect. Teachers believe that the make-up and mirror ban will help girls to focus on their studies and to pursue more worthwhile past times. 

Would you have enjoyed a make-up/mirror ban in high school? How would your life have changed?

To read more about this school’s policy, click here.


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