Woman in the Mirror meets Mirror Mirror Off the Wall

I have been following sociologist and emerging colleague Kjerstin Gruys for the past 365 days as she has admirably gone completely without mirrors and cataloged the truths that have emerged for her as she blazed this trail. It has been am amazing journey to watch and today is Day 365! I had hoped to be able to hop on a plane and be in San Francisco for the first look party, but was unable to swing that (why aren’t there direct flights between Raleigh-Durham and SFO?). But I woke up this morning to the honor of having an interview we did last week featured on her Day 365 post! I agree with Kjerstin that it is kind of eerie that I was writing about women in mirrors just as Kjerstin was grappling with the impact of the absence of mirrors on her psychology and self-perception. This is like a Day 365 syzygy of our work. Read my interview here and stay tuned to her blog for more on the First Look! Resounding kudos to Kjerstin for an amazingly ambitious and brave project.


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Author of The Woman in the Mirror: How To Stop Confusing What You Look Like with Who You Are
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